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Growing your confidence: A 3 step approach

Updated: Oct 23, 2018

I’m often asked how I became the confident, driven business woman that I am today, and whilst I’d love to say that this happened over night, the reality is very different. It has taken many years of hands-on experience and hard work to reach the stage where I am able to coach others, and I have faced some real challenges along the way.

A large part of my work with Fortune Academy involves helping my students to build their confidence; whether it’s working on their approach towards a challenge, re-inventing how they perceive their own skills and talents, or simply providing them with the financial skills and knowledge needed to trade to the best of their ability.

People often mistakenly believe that confidence is something we are all inherently born with, whereas this could not be further from the truth. Confidence is like a muscle; you need to exercise it, nurture it, and slowly build your strength, and those who inhabit this mindset will find that they see results over time.

I know from personal experience that building your confidence can seem a tough challenge, so I’d like to offer my three steps to getting your progress started.

Committing to confidence

This may seem simple, but it is the most important step. In order to start your journey towards confidence you need to commit to doing whatever it takes to get there. Even the act of saying, “I will be confident” can instil a powerful mindset, and this is the moment where you need to set goals and challenges.

This could be deciding to invest in a course that will help you realise your goals, signing up for an event, or setting a target to reach. For many of my students, deciding to assert their intent to become confident represents a crucial moment in their journey, and can help to remove the indecision that acts as a barrier to personal growth.

Surround yourself with the best

Once you’ve committed to becoming your best, confident self, you may find that some people in your life can suddenly become less than positive about your new found drive. This is often the result of underlying jealousy, displaced emotion, or an unwillingness to let a friend evolve beyond their own stage of life. It’s important to surround yourself with people who will nurture the success you’re building, and it may be necessary at this stage to re-evaluate friendships.

At Fortune Academy, we carefully select our participants for their desire to really change their lives, and we work hard to build cohorts full of motivated, hard-working people who can create an atmosphere in which success can thrive.

Acquire the necessary skills

We have all heard the phrase “knowledge is power” countless times, but in the world of financial trading these four words are crucial. Whilst trading does rely on some level of instinct, the vast majority of the success comes from having the tools and knowledge to understand your markets. These skills can be taught, and your confidence and trading ability will be greatly improved by expanding your knowledge base. I teach these skills to people everyday, and it’s fantastic to see students realise that with the right tools, they can actualise their career ambitions and achieve measurable success.

These three steps are a great place to start your journey towards confidence, whether financially or simply within your life. Confidence is the result of hard work, dedication, and seeking the appropriate tools to help you grow, and at Fortune Academy we can help you achieve all three.

If you'd like to discover more information about the work we do, please visit the Fortune Academy website, and click to attend our latest events with other like-minded individuals:


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